Director of Preschool Operations

Full Time
  • Post Date: April 5, 2022
  • Apply Before: September 30, 2023
  • Salary Range $50,000+
  • Experience Required 2-4 Years
  • Early Childhood Industry Area Faith-Based
  • Minimum Qualifications Bachelor's Degree
Job Description

The Family of Faith – Director of Preschool Operations


The Director of The Family of Faith Preschool Operations will serve the church by initiating, developing, and managing an effective Gospel-Centered Preschool Ministry to the children of the community.

The Director of Preschool Operations directly oversees the following roles:

  • Site Directors at each campus
  • Director of Admissions
  • Educational Consultant
  • Intern

Lead Teachers, Teachers’ Aides, Caregivers report to Site Directors.

Although administrative assistants report to Director of Business Operations, the Director of Preschool Operations also will utilize these team members for various tasks and systems and processes within the preschools.


The Director of The Family of Faith Preschool will be a member of the ministerial staff and, thus, under the supervision of the Senior Pastor.



  • Oversee all preschool operations including records, licensing requirements, and site directors
  • Establish the ministry goals and objectives for the Preschool.
  • Provide a Christian environment where God’s love is shared with children, staff and parents.
  • Administer the work of the preschools by encouraging teamwork and mutual support, and by providing leadership and nurture to staff members
  • Provide ongoing professional development plan for leadership team and staff that includes attending conferences, online training, webinars and 1:1 mentoring.
  • Develop and cast a vision on next level growth for schools and staff.
  • Attendance of monthly Board of Directors Meetings with monthly reports of stats on: enrollment, growth, staff, leads to close ratio and ministry moments for both campuses.
  • Attendance of monthly Preschool Ministry Team meetings as set by the chairperson of this team.
  • Quarterly Review and final approval of all updated forms and handbooks, curriculum, and educational tools for preschool program as needed


  • Work with Site Directors to prioritize programming at both schools i.e., summer camp, preschool events


  • Work with Director of Business Operations and Church Trustee to manage use of facilities, ensuring that classrooms and facilities reflect a clean, professional, and Christian environment, and all equipment is in working order.


  • Projection of staffing and enrollment with financial projections
  • Work with Preschool Ministry Team and Business Manager to establish and maintain working budget
  • Monitor collection of fees
  • Manage expenses by ongoing review in coordination with the annual budget
  • Monthly review of enrollment and conversion to full time equivalency
  • Weekly review with each director on staffing and closely monitor student enrollment and staffing needs.


Enrollment/Client Relations/Sales/Marketing/Networking

  • Ongoing review of Preschool website with differing campaigns, pushes and enhancements
  • Work with FOF Communications Consultant for Preschool social media including ongoing review of online reviews
  • Attend networking events in the community to make connections wherever appropriate and helpful
  • Stay in communication with the Director of Admissions to monitor enrollment, parent interviews, tours, leads, etc.
  • Family relationship management by staying in contact with families to retain and build multi-year relationships with individual families.

Personnel/Human Resource Management

  • Hiring/Terminating
  • Hiring and retaining staff to actively promote positive, rewarding, and nurturing culture that fosters consistency of staffing.
  • Termination of staff members is to be carried out as specified in the FOF policy manual and FOF Preschool staff handbook, and is to be administered by the Director after review with Senior Pastor (Director to The Family of Faith Preschool Ministry Team to Pastor and Board of Directors if necessary)
  • Staff
    • Supervise Site Directors as they coach, lead, and relate to all preschool team members including Lead Teachers, teachers’ aides, and caregivers.
    • Support and work in conjunction with the Senior Pastor in the spiritual development of all members of the preschool teaching team
    • Be responsible for developing and implementing a comprehensive program of professional and personal development for all staff members and substitutes


  • Provide a distinctly Christian/Lutheran environment where God’s Love is shared with children, personnel, and families, by “TEACHING CHRIST, SHARING CHRIST, and PRAYING TO CHRIST”
  • Effectively communicate the preschool program to the congregation and community
  • Represent the congregation by serving on appropriate denomination committees and community organizations


  • Work with appropriate ministry team(s), officers, church staff and leaders to carry out the congregation’s preschool ministry

Successful Ministry at The Family of Faith Preschool Looks Like

  • Connection with all FOF Preschool team members, moms, families through Bible study, prayer partners; connection both personal and in a group. This connection would result in Souls (students, parents, guardians, grand parents, siblings, and other relatives of students) that do not know the joy of the Gospel of Jesus Christ coming to know and believe the Gospel for their eternal salvation
  • Connection between families and church through the following:
    • Prayer partners – congregations pray for assigned preschool families and teachers
    • Community events such as Family Movie Night, Easter egg hunts, worship on Sundays, resulting in Souls that know the joy of the Gospel of Jesus Christ growing in that joy and knowledge
    • All resulting in consistent growth in worship attendance and Bible study
  • Connection between families, parents and teachers through prayer, conversation and relationship resulting in souls coming to celebrate the Christian faith at The Family of Faith Lutheran Church in worship of the one, true and triune God hopefully to the point of being a member of The Family of Faith Lutheran Church

Establishing FOF preschools as the number 1 choice of early childhood education in both Copperfield and Cypress communities because of our excellent reputation for caring for the whole child.  All resulting in reaching capacity level at each preschool.